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Watch the original video here ( x )
Before I saw this video, I always kept a book for my homework. I use grid paper and it’s perfect for BJ… Heh. After watching this, it helped me to start developing a system I’m currently satisfied with. 

To-do apps don’t work with me. It always just sits on my screen with a notification and swiping something doesn’t feel as satisfying as crossing it out victoriously with a pen. ^_^

  1. LEGENDS ( you can also do it like thisHelps you quickly figure out what certain tasks are at a glance. The colours are for my spiraldexes which I will not be discussing unless you guys request it. c:
  2. Pages This is basically what my pages look like. I write the numbers at the lower corners.I also added sticky notes for extra stuff like memorizing my moral definitions. :p
  3. Calendar  ( x ) If you watch the video, you’re supposed to list out the dates but I prefer both, so I draw a calendar and paste it in my book and list out all the really appointments/stuff I have to do in my drawn calendar and some not-important-but-still-worth-noting notes in my list-calendar.
  4. Index Just write down the pages as shown in the video. Pretty simple. 
  5. Other things you can include: I also stick some motivational images on the last page and stuff like that. Spiraldexes can be fun but they tend to be a little time consuming to draw or at least, I can seem to use them effectively. :c
  • Have pages especially for grocery lists/ grades/ etc. 
  • Page full of favourite recipes
  • Stick an envelope at the back cover and fill it with motivational inspiration!
  • Stick printables ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
  • Start a goal/wishlist!

 Good luck! :* 

So this was my weekend. A seven hour line rehearsal on Saturday, followed by a 9 hour day Sunday as we shoved in a line rehearsal for two of the three characters, and then we moved into the performance space and did a full run of the show. 

Saturday was brutal. It’s a three character show, and all three of the actors have different processes and its been a challenge to keep things ticking along with so many different needs. 

Let’s just say I’m super glad I took tomorrow off work. I probably won’t get a chance for too much extra sleep, although maybe a little, but that set that’s up there has to be draped in muslin and props have to be gathered, and all the little things that have to get done sooner rather than later. 

Theater is hell on wheels when you also have a day job… 



It’s Monday. I’m all muzzy and endeavoring to not be bitchy (kinda failed on that one with my family already.)

So. Quick. Not too much thought- reblog and say something about the shoes you are wearing right now, or why you’re not wearing shoes. Add a pic if it feels right.

I love these shoes. They’re basically the only shoes I wear anymore. My feet hurt so much every day, and these keep me going! I have them in grey and in pink.

some writing as an attempt to distract myself from this panic attack I keep trying not to have

(Also I’m putting off writing the boring rehearsal report)


Here’s the thing. We’re concentrating on Act II this week. (Oh God we move into the space on Sunday and lets not talk about how I’m so not ready for tech week. Anyway.) 

Copenhagen, aka the play of ridiculous physicists is just super slashy especially in Act II. Sure, what they’re really talking about is hero worship and daddy issues and whatnot, but their brains are SO in love. There’s whole scenes about how they first met, and how they argue — and are totes in a love-hate-love spiral — and then they go on vacation together to Elsinore of all places and argue more and then Heisenberg comes to work for Bohr and is all jealous because Bohr’s current work boyfriend is in the way of their true love, but eventually Bohr wises up and dumps that guy and moves Heisenberg into the office next to him and they have dinner together all the time, and bottles of wine in Heisenberg’s room, and Heisenberg meets Bohr’s kids (and his wife) and Bohr and Heisenberg vacation together in ski huts, and work together, and fight together “for three glorious years” … until they break up over science and they spend the next thirty years being sad that they can’t be sciency together any more… 

Alternately, I think the cast is at least half convinced that one of Niels and Margarethe’s six kids is really Heisenberg’s.

Well, at least it amuses me in between my millions of line notes :)

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